Sooji + Kyle | Toronto Eagles Nest Golf Club Wedding

Today I’m incredibly happy to be sharing a few highlights from Sooji and Kyle’s wedding at the Eagles Nest Golf Club! Thanks you two for bringing me on board and trusting me to do my thing. You guys are a joy and I hope you love these previews!SoojiKyle (1)SoojiKyle (2)SoojiKyle (3)SoojiKyle (4)SoojiKyle (5)SoojiKyle (6)SoojiKyle (7)SoojiKyle (8)SoojiKyle (9)SoojiKyle (10)SoojiKyle (11)SoojiKyle (12)SoojiKyle (13)SoojiKyle (14)SoojiKyle (15)SoojiKyle (16)SoojiKyle (17)SoojiKyle (18)SoojiKyle (19)SoojiKyle (20)SoojiKyle (21)SoojiKyle (22)SoojiKyle (23)SoojiKyle (24)SoojiKyle (25)SoojiKyle (26)SoojiKyle (27)SoojiKyle (28)SoojiKyle (29)SoojiKyle (30)SoojiKyle (31)SoojiKyle (32)SoojiKyle (33)SoojiKyle (34)SoojiKyle (35)SoojiKyle (36)SoojiKyle (37)SoojiKyle (38)SoojiKyle (39)SoojiKyle (40)SoojiKyle (41)SoojiKyle (42)SoojiKyle (43)SoojiKyle (44)SoojiKyle (45)SoojiKyle (46)SoojiKyle (47)SoojiKyle (48)SoojiKyle (49)SoojiKyle (50)SoojiKyle (51)SoojiKyle (52)SoojiKyle (53)SoojiKyle (54)SoojiKyle (55)SoojiKyle (56)SoojiKyle (57)SoojiKyle (58)SoojiKyle (59)SoojiKyle (60)SoojiKyle (61)SoojiKyle (62)SoojiKyle (63)SoojiKyle (64)SoojiKyle (65)SoojiKyle (66)SoojiKyle (67)SoojiKyle (68)SoojiKyle (69)SoojiKyle (70)SoojiKyle (71)SoojiKyle (72)SoojiKyle (73)SoojiKyle (74)SoojiKyle (75)SoojiKyle (76)SoojiKyle (77)SoojiKyle (78)SoojiKyle (79)SoojiKyle (80)SoojiKyle (81)SoojiKyle (82)SoojiKyle (83)SoojiKyle (84)SoojiKyle (85)SoojiKyle (86)SoojiKyle (87)SoojiKyle (88)SoojiKyle (89)SoojiKyle (90)SoojiKyle (91)

Sooji + Kyle | High Park & Liberty Village Engagement

I meet Kyle as a groomsmen at a wedding I photographed a few years ago and we kept in touch via Facebook. After proposing to his girlfriend Sooji he reached out to me to see if I was available for their engagement session and wedding photos and I was! So glad were able to work together again and for a chance to see some old friends at the wedding next year. I’ve been itching to show off these shots from Sooji and Kyle’s session for the longest time. Today. Finally. Enjoy!
sooji (1)sooji (2)sooji (3)sooji (4)sooji (5)sooji (6)sooji (7)sooji (8)sooji (9)sooji (10)sooji (11)sooji (12)sooji (13)sooji (14)sooji (15)sooji (16)sooji (17)sooji (18)sooji (19)sooji (20)sooji (21)sooji (22)sooji (23)sooji (24)sooji (25)

Rita + David | Hazleton Manor Wedding

Happy ONE YEAR anniversary Rita and David! Today I get to enjoy the singular pleasure of sharing their wedding highlights! Thanks so much for bringing me on board, it’s been quite an adventure with you guys and I hope you enjoy these handpicked highlights of your special day!
rida (1)rida (2)rida (3)rida (4)rida (5)rida (6)rida (7)rida (8)rida (9)rida (10)rida (11)rida (12)rida (13)rida (14)rida (15)rida (16)rida (17)rida (18)rida (19)rida (20)rida (21)rida (22)rida (23)rida (24)rida (25)rida (26)rida (27)rida (28)rida (29)
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MiRyung + Paul | Atlantis Toronto Wedding

Today I present to you highlights from MiRyung and Paul’s wedding from Atlantis Pavilions in Toronto! Thinking back to that day, my favorite part was the ceremony and how they both gazed into each other’s eyes when MiRyung walked down the aisle. The day was gorgeous, we had an awesome creative session along the grounds at Ontario Place… here’s some of my favourites from their wedding! Thanks for having me, enjoy the hightlights!