Sooji + Kyle | Toronto Eagles Nest Golf Club Wedding

Today I’m incredibly happy to be sharing a few highlights from Sooji and Kyle’s wedding at the Eagles Nest Golf Club! Thanks you two for bringing me on board and trusting me to do my thing. You guys are a joy and I hope you love these previews!SoojiKyle (1)SoojiKyle (2)SoojiKyle (3)SoojiKyle (4)SoojiKyle (5)SoojiKyle (6)SoojiKyle (7)SoojiKyle (8)SoojiKyle (9)SoojiKyle (10)SoojiKyle (11)SoojiKyle (12)SoojiKyle (13)SoojiKyle (14)SoojiKyle (15)SoojiKyle (16)SoojiKyle (17)SoojiKyle (18)SoojiKyle (19)SoojiKyle (20)SoojiKyle (21)SoojiKyle (22)SoojiKyle (23)SoojiKyle (24)SoojiKyle (25)SoojiKyle (26)SoojiKyle (27)SoojiKyle (28)SoojiKyle (29)SoojiKyle (30)SoojiKyle (31)SoojiKyle (32)SoojiKyle (33)SoojiKyle (34)SoojiKyle (35)SoojiKyle (36)SoojiKyle (37)SoojiKyle (38)SoojiKyle (39)SoojiKyle (40)SoojiKyle (41)SoojiKyle (42)SoojiKyle (43)SoojiKyle (44)SoojiKyle (45)SoojiKyle (46)SoojiKyle (47)SoojiKyle (48)SoojiKyle (49)SoojiKyle (50)SoojiKyle (51)SoojiKyle (52)SoojiKyle (53)SoojiKyle (54)SoojiKyle (55)SoojiKyle (56)SoojiKyle (57)SoojiKyle (58)SoojiKyle (59)SoojiKyle (60)SoojiKyle (61)SoojiKyle (62)SoojiKyle (63)SoojiKyle (64)SoojiKyle (65)SoojiKyle (66)SoojiKyle (67)SoojiKyle (68)SoojiKyle (69)SoojiKyle (70)SoojiKyle (71)SoojiKyle (72)SoojiKyle (73)SoojiKyle (74)SoojiKyle (75)SoojiKyle (76)SoojiKyle (77)SoojiKyle (78)SoojiKyle (79)SoojiKyle (80)SoojiKyle (81)SoojiKyle (82)SoojiKyle (83)SoojiKyle (84)SoojiKyle (85)SoojiKyle (86)SoojiKyle (87)SoojiKyle (88)SoojiKyle (89)SoojiKyle (90)SoojiKyle (91)

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