Queenie + Eric | University of Toronto & Casa Loma Engagement

Spent an awesome morning with Queenie and Eric at the University of Toronto and Casa Loma for their engagement session and the results were beautiful. Even though it seems like their wedding day photos while all dress up beautifully this was just an Asian style Pre Wedding shoot. Their big day is coming up this weekend and I am so looking forward to it! Enjoy the photos!
QueEric (1)QueEric (2)QueEric (3)QueEric (4)QueEric (5)QueEric (6)QueEric (7)QueEric (8)QueEric (9)QueEric (10)QueEric (11)QueEric (12)QueEric (13)QueEric (14)QueEric (15)QueEric (16)QueEric (17)QueEric (18)QueEric (19)QueEric (20)QueEric (21)QueEric (22)

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