Andrea + Victor | University of Toronto Engagement

Andrea and Victor’s University of Toronto engagement set from June is looking pretty hot and nope, not referring to the insanely hot temperatures we are having this summer. It was such a gorgeous evening wandering the campus and capturing these shots for them! Looking forward to round two coming up as they tie the knot this Fall. Here’s some of my favourites from their session, enjoy!

Daria + Andrew | U of T & Kensington Market Engagement

Today I’m showing off my lovely couple, Daria and Andrew with whom I spent a beautiful evening with exploring the charming nooks and crannies at University of Toronto before catching some sunset photos with ice cream in hand at the Kensington Market in Toronto! Looking forward to seeing them again later this afternoon as I’ll be with them again documenting their wedding at the Ancaster Mill in Hamilton.

Denise + Tim | Old Mill Toronto Wedding

I had a wonderful time shooting Denise and Tim’s wedding earlier this year. Their photos from University of Toronto came out flawlessly with the amazing light we had late afternoon just before the rain arrived. They married at St. Annes Church and had their lovely reception at the Old Mill Toronto. Thanks for having me guys, enjoy the photos! Click here for their Osgoode Hall & Toronto Music Garden engagement photos.


Captured these wonderful photos not too long ago while it was still crazy hot out but I’m sure this coming weekend Jasmine and Bruno will make it look smoking hot regardless in their photos! We have some great ideas planned and I can’t wait to execute them together with their bridal party. See you guys later this week and enjoy the photos!

Karen + Frankie | University of Toronto Engagement

Karen and Frankie’s engagement session took place at the beautiful University of Toronto grounds on a nice and sunny summer day. We completed the session inside Knox College for its gothic architecture inside after a quick change of clothes. Here are some of my favorites from their session!010203040506070809010011012013014015016017018019020021022023024

Theresa + Michael | University of Toronto Engagement

Today I’m super excited to share Theresa and Michael’s engagement session from the University of Toronto. I’m mad excited for their wedding coming up next week, see you guys soon!

Sida + Colin | University of Toronto Engagement

Spent an amazing and fun filled evening with Sida and Colin shooting their engagement photos at the University of Toronto. Even though it was a bit chilly they did really well as you can see the results were beautiful. Looking forward to their big day this month, enjoy the photos!

Mari + Alex | Scarborough Bluff Engagement

Mari and Alex, with your big day around the corner I’m so excited to finally share your engagement session! It was a chilling October day but we were able to capture these beautiful photos of you both at the Bluffs and finishing off your session at UTSC. I seriously cannot wait for next month, it’s going to be so much fun to see you folks again! Enjoy the photos!

Queenie + Eric | University of Toronto & Casa Loma Engagement

Spent an awesome morning with Queenie and Eric at the University of Toronto and Casa Loma for their engagement session and the results were beautiful. Even though it seems like their wedding day photos while all dress up beautifully this was just an Asian style Pre Wedding shoot. Their big day is coming up this weekend and I am so looking forward to it! Enjoy the photos!
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Erica + Robert | Hart House Wedding

Super excited to share Erica and Robert’s wedding today from last September! The day started off gloomy though become super sunny when it came time for photos outside. After their ceremony at Hart House we spent the afternoon shooting around St. George campus before heading back uptown to their reception venue. Thanks for bringing me out, it was incredibly fun documenting your day! Enjoy the highlights Erica and Robert! Click here for their engagement photos.
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Erica + Robert | Wedding Teaser

Today is Erica’s birthday… I would like to take this time to give her a special shout out on my blog with this beautiful – epic – romantic – fairy tale teaser photo of her and Robert from their wedding this weekend at the Hart House in Toronto! Congratulations to you both!

Thao + Paul | Downtown Engagement

Thao and Paul, quite a fun day exploring Toronto eh? From fishing to Pinata bashing at High Park, visited a graffiti wall, roaming around University of Toronto and even pulling off the Vancouver riot kiss photo at Dundas Square! Too much good stuff. See you next month, I’m excited for the wedding!