Zefe + Tokun | Supreme Banquet Wedding

Hanging out with Zefe and Tokun as I captured countless moments from their beautiful 3 day wedding ceremony was incredible. I think by day 3 more or less everyone knew me and I knew everyone also. Definitely had a great time partying with you guys and now it’s time to check out some pics from day 3!
Zefe+Tokun (1)Zefe+Tokun (2)Zefe+Tokun (3)Zefe+Tokun (4)Zefe+Tokun (5)Zefe+Tokun (6)Zefe+Tokun (7)Zefe+Tokun (8)Zefe+Tokun (9)Zefe+Tokun (10)Zefe+Tokun (11)Zefe+Tokun (12)Zefe+Tokun (13)Zefe+Tokun (14)Zefe+Tokun (15)Zefe+Tokun (16)Zefe+Tokun (17)Zefe+Tokun (18)Zefe+Tokun (19)Zefe+Tokun (20)Zefe+Tokun (21)Zefe+Tokun (22)Zefe+Tokun (23)Zefe+Tokun (24)Zefe+Tokun (25)Zefe+Tokun (26)Zefe+Tokun (27)Zefe+Tokun (28)Zefe+Tokun (29)Zefe+Tokun (30)Zefe+Tokun (31)

2 Comments on “Zefe + Tokun | Supreme Banquet Wedding

  1. L.O.V.E. it Victor…I want to get married again just so you can take more pictures and capture more great moments! It was definately a pleasure working with you 🙂


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