Rachelle + Chris |Sassafraz Wedding

Rachelle and Chris, shooting your wedding was seriously too much fun! I don’t even know where to begin: the awesome sunglasses and towels, the fact that it was in Yorkville at the Sassafraz, the nonstop delicious appetizers all night long was awesome, the best tasting Mojitos in the world, TIFF weekend and almost seeing celebrity James Franco who was also dining at the Sassafraz, all the cool people, perfect weather, cigars, more food, the two of you getting married? I’m sure it was a bit of all the above. Thanks for having me around for your wedding, hope you like the pictures! “Keep Calm And Marry On!”rachelle+chris (2)rachelle+chris (1)rachelle+chris (3)rachelle+chris (4)rachelle+chris (5)rachelle+chris (6)rachelle+chris (7)rachelle+chris (8)rachelle+chris (9)rachelle+chris (10)rachelle+chris (11)rachelle+chris (12)rachelle+chris (13)rachelle+chris (14)rachelle+chris (15)rachelle+chris (16)rachelle+chris (17)rachelle+chris (18)rachelle+chris (19)rachelle+chris (20)rachelle+chris (21)rachelle+chris (22)rachelle+chris (23)rachelle+chris (24)rachelle+chris (25)rachelle+chris (26)rachelle+chris (27)rachelle+chris (28)rachelle+chris (29)rachelle+chris (30)rachelle+chris (31)rachelle+chris (32)rachelle+chris (33)rachelle+chris (34)rachelle+chris (35)rachelle+chris (36)rachelle+chris (37)rachelle+chris (38)rachelle+chris (39)

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