Jessica + Raymond | The Brighton Convention & Events Centre Wedding

Been waiting a whole year to finally share Jessica and Raymond’s wedding today on their Anniversary weekend. I hope you enjoy these beautiful memories as much as I did! I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. Happy Anniversary!!!

Hotel: Monte Carlo Inn & Suites – Downtown Markham
Photos: Varley Art Gallery of Markham & Unionville Main Street
Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Brighton Convention & Events Centre
Makeup: Jasmine Lee Beauty

Sarah + Andrew | Chateau Le Jardin Wedding

After a few weeks of fun filled editing I’m SO excited to finally share a few highlights from Sarah and Andrew’s wedding! It was a multi-day adventure, Day 1 was the Hindu Ceremony click here to see! Day 2 brought us to the church ceremony followed by a photo session at Unionville Main Street with the amazing and fun bridal party! The reception festivities were held at the beautiful Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue where they shared many speeches, laughter, tears of joy and a wonderful singing performance by Andrew to Sarah to kick of the dance floor! Thanks for being two truly awesome people and a joy to hang around with and for bringing me along to do my thing. Enjoy the photos and if anyone wants to checkout their beautiful wedding video by Henjo Films click here!

Mandy + Sam | Markham Event Centre Wedding

Today I present to you Mandy and Sam’s outstandingly gorgeous wedding. Their wedding was a real chill day that started at the Hilton Suites in Markham. After we traveled to MEC (Markham Event Centre) for some relax photos before their ceremony. Their reception was beautiful, food was tasty, it was just crazy fun and the perfect start to my 2014 season! Here’s how it all turned out, enjoy! Also if you like to see their gorgeous pre wedding photo shoot at Yorkville please click here!mandysam (1)mandysam (2)mandysam (3)mandysam (4)mandysam (5)mandysam (6)mandysam (7)mandysam (8)mandysam (9)mandysam (10)mandysam (11)mandysam (12)mandysam (13)mandysam (14)mandysam (15)mandysam (16)mandysam (17)mandysam (18)mandysam (19)mandysam (20)mandysam (21)mandysam (22)mandysam (23)mandysam (24)mandysam (25)mandysam (26)mandysam (27)mandysam (28)mandysam (29)mandysam (30)mandysam (31)mandysam (32)mandysam (33)mandysam (34)mandysam (35)mandysam (36)mandysam (37)mandysam (38)mandysam (39)mandysam (40)mandysam (41)mandysam (42)mandysam (43)mandysam (44)mandysam (45)mandysam (46)mandysam (47)mandysam (48)mandysam (49)mandysam (50)mandysam (51)mandysam (52)mandysam (53)mandysam (54)mandysam (55)mandysam (56)

Wedding Slideshow Highlights

Hotel: Hilton Suites in Markham
Venue: Markham Event Centre, Markham