Lorianne + Calvin | Terrace Banquet Centre Wedding

Been waiting a whole year to share this one. Happy One Year anniversary Lorianne and Calvin! It was a joy to photograph your wedding. Enjoy!

Theresa + Michael | Terrace Banquet Centre Wedding

Theresa and Michael’s wedding has been in the works all summer and I’m ecstatic to finally share them today! Theresa and Michael, thank you so much for bringing me on board. Hope you enjoy these highlights!TheresaMichael (1)TheresaMichael (2)TheresaMichael (3)TheresaMichael (4)TheresaMichael (5)TheresaMichael (6)TheresaMichael (7)TheresaMichael (8)TheresaMichael (9)TheresaMichael (10)TheresaMichael (11)TheresaMichael (12)TheresaMichael (13)TheresaMichael (14)TheresaMichael (15)TheresaMichael (16)TheresaMichael (17)TheresaMichael (18)TheresaMichael (19)TheresaMichael (20)TheresaMichael (21)TheresaMichael (22)TheresaMichael (23)TheresaMichael (24)TheresaMichael (25)TheresaMichael (26)TheresaMichael (27)TheresaMichael (28)TheresaMichael (29)TheresaMichael (30)TheresaMichael (31)TheresaMichael (32)TheresaMichael (33)TheresaMichael (34)TheresaMichael (35)TheresaMichael (36)TheresaMichael (37)TheresaMichael (38)TheresaMichael (39)TheresaMichael (40)TheresaMichael (41)TheresaMichael (42)TheresaMichael (43)TheresaMichael (44)TheresaMichael (45)TheresaMichael (46)TheresaMichael (47)TheresaMichael (48)TheresaMichael (49)TheresaMichael (50)