Lisa + Blair | Hotel Ocho Wedding

Lisa and Blair, you two put together a gorgeous wedding at Hotel Ocho in downtown Toronto this summer and I’ve been dying to show it off. Thanks again for an awesome day of fun and marriage with you guys and your attractive bridal party! Enjoy your photos!

Tiffany + Curtis | Engagement Teaser

Here’s a dramatic Toronto sky engagement teaser from Tiffany and Curtis’s session. What a perfect background for these two kindred souls.Curtis+Tiffany

Nancy + Ryan | CNE Engagement

I had an awesome time shooting Nancy and Ryan’s engagement at the CNE earlier this summer. It was a perfect summer evening hanging out at the CNE while taking some great candid and posed photos with them. I like to also thank for shooting a behind the scenes video of the entire session at the end of this post! And of course here are some of my favorites from their session!
nancy-ryan (23)nancy-ryan (1)nancy-ryan (2)nancy-ryan (3)nancy-ryan (4)nancy-ryan (5)nancy-ryan (6)nancy-ryan (7)nancy-ryan (8)nancy-ryan (9)nancy-ryan (10)nancy-ryan (11)nancy-ryan (12)nancy-ryan (13)nancy-ryan (14)nancy-ryan (15)nancy-ryan (16)nancy-ryan (17)nancy-ryan (18)nancy-ryan (19)nancy-ryan (20)nancy-ryan (21)nancy-ryan (22)nancy-ryan (24)nancy-ryan (25)nancy-ryan (26)nancy-ryan (27)nancy-ryan (28)nancy-ryan (29)nancy-ryan (30)Check out the behind the scenes from this engagement session below.

Elaine + Jason | West River Event Centre Wedding

A gorgeous Saturday in Vaughan made even more so because of Elaine and Jason! Thank you and your entourage for trusting me to do my thing. Seriously fun photo shoot, perfect day! Enjoy the photos!
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Venue: West River Event Centre, Vaughan
Photo Location: Kortright Centre, Vaughan