Stephanie + Alan | Paramount Wedding

Stephanie and Alan are celebrating their ONE YEAR Wedding Anniversary today! Can’t believe its already been a year since I party with them and their amazing bridal party! Enjoy the photos everyone! stephanlan (1)
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Stephanie + Alan | Wedding Teaser

Sup friends! Today I’m showing off a Vanity Fair inspire editorial fashion teaser from Stephanie and Alan’s superb wedding!

Stephanie + Alan | Edwards Gardens Engagement

Spending the evening with Stephanie and Alan was a lot of fun! Here are some of the amazing shots from their engagement session at Edwards Gardens. Can’t wait till the wedding in just a few months and the privilege of taking photos for them once again! There’s also an extra Cinemagraph photo at the bottom of this post, enjoy!
StephanieAlan (1)StephanieAlan (2)StephanieAlan (3)StephanieAlan (4)StephanieAlan (5)StephanieAlan (6)StephanieAlan (7)StephanieAlan (8)StephanieAlan (9)StephanieAlan (10)StephanieAlan (11)StephanieAlan (12)StephanieAlan (13)StephanieAlan (14)StephanieAlan (15)StephanieAlan (16)StephanieAlan (17)StephanieAlan (18)StephanieAlan (19)StephanieAlan (20)StephanieAlan (21)StephanieAlan (22)StephanieAlan (23)StephanieAlan (24)StephanieAlan (25)StephanieAlanCinemagraphCinemagraph Image Above: Foreground leaves, her top and hair that’s curled are all in motion.