Ambreen + Shafiq | Wedding Sneak Peek

This weekend with Ambreen and Shafiq was too good, we had a glorious and beautiful day in Etobicoke. With their ceremony and dinner at The Clubhouse Eventspace and a set of beautiful creative portraits at the Royal Woodbine Golf Club and now their multi-day ceremony festivities are complete. It was a great pleasure to hang with these two along with their entourage and I’m so thrilled to show off sneak peeks from their wedding today! Enjoy your photos and have a great time on your honeymoon in Italy!

Ambreen + Shafiq | Gairloch Gardens Oakville Engagement

Ambreen and Shafiq, looking over your engagement photos has gotten me all sorts of excited that your wedding is THIS weekend! We are ready for more beautiful photos with you, see you in a few days!

Sarah + Andrew | Chateau Le Jardin Wedding

After a few weeks of fun filled editing I’m SO excited to finally share a few highlights from Sarah and Andrew’s wedding! It was a multi-day adventure, Day 1 was the Hindu Ceremony click here to see! Day 2 brought us to the church ceremony followed by a photo session at Unionville Main Street with the amazing and fun bridal party! The reception festivities were held at the beautiful Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue where they shared many speeches, laughter, tears of joy and a wonderful singing performance by Andrew to Sarah to kick of the dance floor! Thanks for being two truly awesome people and a joy to hang around with and for bringing me along to do my thing. Enjoy the photos and if anyone wants to checkout their beautiful wedding video by Henjo Films click here!

Sarah + Andrew | Devi Mandir Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Today’s first 1 of 2 post is from Sarah and Andrew’s Hindu Ceremony at the Devi Mandir Temple in Pickering. Here are some of my personal favorites from day 1 of their multi-day wedding festivities! Enjoy! See their Day 2 photos here!

Dania + Rahil | Downtown Toronto Engagement

We started the session at Dineen Coffee shop in Toronto where Dania and Rahil had their first date. The place was very nice specially the cool looking chandelier they had which made the perfect backdrop for their photos. After a cup of coffee and some amazing photos later we headed over to Trinity Bellwoods Park and Graffiti Alley for more photos before ending the day at McDonald’s for a quick bite. Definitely looking forward to their wedding next spring! See you very soon and enjoy the photos!

Sarah + Kamran | The International Centre Wedding

Today I’m featuring Sarah and Kamran’s MEGA wedding post and I say mega because this is the most photos I’ve ever posted on my blog at one time! There was so much stuff going on throughout the day I had to share almost every moment with you all. Together with their entourage, they were a group that understood the fundamentals of being awesome. When I say entourage I mean enough people to make up two teams to play baseball with subs, that much! Honesty they’re an incredibly chill couple to work with and I’m glad I got to spend so many days with them during their multi-day wedding. Sarah and Kamran thanks for bringing me on board. No joke, your photos were as enjoyable to edit as they were to shoot. Enjoy the highlights!SarahKamran (1)SarahKamran (2)SarahKamran (3)SarahKamran (4)SarahKamran (5)SarahKamran (6)SarahKamran (7)SarahKamran (8)SarahKamran (9)SarahKamran (10)SarahKamran (11)SarahKamran (12)SarahKamran (13)SarahKamran (14)SarahKamran (15)SarahKamran (16)SarahKamran (17)SarahKamran (18)SarahKamran (19)SarahKamran (20)SarahKamran (21)SarahKamran (22)SarahKamran (23)SarahKamran (24)SarahKamran (25)SarahKamran (26)SarahKamran (27)SarahKamran (28)SarahKamran (29)SarahKamran (30)SarahKamran (31)SarahKamran (32)SarahKamran (33)SarahKamran (34)SarahKamran (35)SarahKamran (36)SarahKamran (37)SarahKamran (38)SarahKamran (39)SarahKamran (40)SarahKamran (41)SarahKamran (42)SarahKamran (43)SarahKamran (44)SarahKamran (45)SarahKamran (46)SarahKamran (47)SarahKamran (48)SarahKamran (49)SarahKamran (50)SarahKamran (51)SarahKamran (52)SarahKamran (53)SarahKamran (54)SarahKamran (55)SarahKamran (56)SarahKamran (57)SarahKamran (58)SarahKamran (59)SarahKamran (60)SarahKamran (61)SarahKamran (62)SarahKamran (63)SarahKamran (64)SarahKamran (65)SarahKamran (66)SarahKamran (67)SarahKamran (68)SarahKamran (69)SarahKamran (70)SarahKamran (71)SarahKamran (72)SarahKamran (73)SarahKamran (74)SarahKamran (75)SarahKamran (76)SarahKamran (77)SarahKamran (78)SarahKamran (79)SarahKamran (80)SarahKamran (81)SarahKamran (82)SarahKamran (83)SarahKamran (84)SarahKamran (85)SarahKamran (86)SarahKamran (87)SarahKamran (88)SarahKamran (89)SarahKamran (90)SarahKamran (91)SarahKamran (92)SarahKamran (93)SarahKamran (94)SarahKamran (95)SarahKamran (96)SarahKamran (97)SarahKamran (98)SarahKamran (99)SarahKamran (100)SarahKamran (101)SarahKamran (102)SarahKamran (103)SarahKamran (104)SarahKamran (105)SarahKamran (106)SarahKamran (107)SarahKamran (108)SarahKamran (109)SarahKamran (110)SarahKamran (111)SarahKamran (112)SarahKamran (113)SarahKamran (114)SarahKamran (115)SarahKamran (116)SarahKamran (117)SarahKamran (118)SarahKamran (119)SarahKamran (120)

Sarah + Kamran | Grand Empire Banquet Hall Pithi Ceremony

It was a beautiful epic evening during Sarah and Kamran’s Pithi ceremony. The night was totally jammed packed with special performances from dancers and also themselves. I can’t wait to share with you all tomorrow more photos from their official wedding day highlights in this fabulous multi day wedding! For now please enjoy these highlights and check back later for the rest of their gorgeous photos!SarahDay2 (1)SarahDay2 (2)SarahDay2 (3)SarahDay2 (4)SarahDay2 (5)SarahDay2 (6)SarahDay2 (7)SarahDay2 (8)SarahDay2 (9)SarahDay2 (10)SarahDay2 (11)SarahDay2 (12)SarahDay2 (13)SarahDay2 (14)SarahDay2 (15)SarahDay2 (16)SarahDay2 (17)SarahDay2 (18)SarahDay2 (19)SarahDay2 (20)SarahDay2 (21)SarahDay2 (22)SarahDay2 (23)SarahDay2 (24)SarahDay2 (25)SarahDay2 (26)SarahDay2 (27)SarahDay2 (28)SarahDay2 (29)SarahDay2 (30)SarahDay2 (31)SarahDay2 (32)SarahDay2 (33)SarahDay2 (34)SarahDay2 (35)SarahDay2 (36)SarahDay2 (37)SarahDay2 (38)SarahDay2 (39)SarahDay2 (40)SarahDay2 (41)SarahDay2 (42)SarahDay2 (43)SarahDay2 (44)

SarahDay2 (45)SarahDay2 (46)SarahDay2 (47)SarahDay2 (48)SarahDay2 (49)SarahDay2 (50)SarahDay2 (51)SarahDay2 (52)SarahDay2 (53)SarahDay2 (54)SarahDay2 (56)SarahDay2 (57)SarahDay2 (58)SarahDay2 (59)SarahDay2 (60)SarahDay2 (61)SarahDay2 (62)SarahDay2 (63)SarahDay2 (64)SarahDay2 (65)SarahDay2 (66)SarahDay2 (67)SarahDay2 (68)SarahDay2 (69)