Susan + Stanford | Casa DeLuz Banquet Hall Wedding

Susan and Stanford, I’m crazy excited to be featuring your wedding today! Looking back over your photos brings back some solid memories of your day and I’m glad I got to be there to capture it all. Our day together had too much good stuff to describe with words so I’m just gonna let the photos tell the rest. Enjoy!

Pierre + Matthew | Scarborough Heights Park Engagement

Last month I had the chance to spend an evening with Pierre and Matthew plus their two little dogs. Our adventure of an engagement session brought us to Scarborough Heights Park since our first location at the Scarborough Bluffs was totally full to capacity and crowded. This was an extremely well planned session by them with many unique props which I loved and their vintage style look was totally on point. I can’t wait to see them again this Fall for their big day! Here’s some of my favourites from their session, enjoy! PierreMatthew (1)PierreMatthew (2)PierreMatthew (3)PierreMatthew (4)PierreMatthew (5)PierreMatthew (6)PierreMatthew (7)PierreMatthew (8)PierreMatthew (9)PierreMatthew (10)PierreMatthew (11)PierreMatthew (12)PierreMatthew (13)PierreMatthew (14)PierreMatthew (15)PierreMatthew (16)PierreMatthew (17)PierreMatthew (18)PierreMatthew (19)PierreMatthew (20)PierreMatthew (21)PierreMatthew (22)PierreMatthew (23)PierreMatthew (24)PierreMatthew (25)PierreMatthew (26)PierreMatthew (27)PierreMatthew (28)PierreMatthew (29)PierreMatthew (30)PierreMatthew (31)PierreMatthew (32)PierreMatthew (33)PierreMatthew (34)PierreMatthew (35)PierreMatthew (36)PierreMatthew (37)PierreMatthew (38)PierreMatthew (39)PierreMatthew (40)PierreMatthew (41)PierreMatthew (42)

Jessie + Warren | Wedding Sneak Peek

Today I’m overjoyed to show off a little sneak peek from Jessie and Warren’s beautiful wedding at the Miller Lash House! Congratulations and thanks for having me around, it’s been fantastic!
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May + Joshua | Crystal Fountain Wedding

May and Joshua, I still remember planning the engagement session with you. I thought it was awesome how you gave me total freedom in picking the location. With an open itinerary we set out to shoot some pretty cool stuff that day. A freestyle session at its best… thank you for trusting me!
Fast forward a few months later, you’re getting married! With your entourage being along for the ride this time, I had a feeling the day would be crazy fun. Not just regular fun, but crazy fun. Here are some of my favourites from your big day, enjoy!