Karen + Aaron | Richmond Green Engagement

Karen and Aaron, looking over your engagement photos has gotten me excited that your wedding is THIS weekend! Can’t wait to share this special day with you both and looking forward to seeing some familiar faces at your wedding. This weekend will also mark the first of two double header wedding weekends for this summer! Enjoy the photos and see you in a few days!

Thea + Raymond | Toronto Eagles Nest Golf Club Wedding

It’s been months since Thea and Raymond’s wedding in Toronto and now that their second wedding reception has taken place in Hong Kong, I like to share with you all today their beautiful wedding photos from the Eagles Nest Golf Club!  Click here for their Same Day Edit!TheaRay (1)TheaRay (2)TheaRay (3)TheaRay (4)TheaRay (5)TheaRay (6)TheaRay (7)TheaRay (8)TheaRay (9)TheaRay (10)TheaRay (11)TheaRay (12)TheaRay (13)TheaRay (14)TheaRay (15)TheaRay (16)TheaRay (17)TheaRay (18)TheaRay (19)TheaRay (20)TheaRay (21)TheaRay (22)TheaRay (23)TheaRay (24)TheaRay (25)TheaRay (26)TheaRay (27)TheaRay (28)TheaRay (29)TheaRay (30)TheaRay (31)TheaRay (32)TheaRay (33)TheaRay (34)TheaRay (35)TheaRay (36)TheaRay (37)TheaRay (38)TheaRay (39)TheaRay (40)TheaRay (41)TheaRay (42)TheaRay (43)TheaRay (44)TheaRay (45)TheaRay (46)TheaRay (47)TheaRay (48)TheaRay (49)TheaRay (50)TheaRay (51)TheaRay (52)TheaRay (53)TheaRay (54)TheaRay (55)TheaRay (56)TheaRay (57)TheaRay (58)TheaRay (59)TheaRay (60)TheaRay (61)TheaRay (62)TheaRay (63)TheaRay (64)TheaRay (65)TheaRay (66)TheaRay (67)TheaRay (68)TheaRay (69)TheaRay (70)TheaRay (71)TheaRay (72)TheaRay (73)

Stephanie + Alan | Wedding Teaser

Sup friends! Today I’m showing off a Vanity Fair inspire editorial fashion teaser from Stephanie and Alan’s superb wedding!

Janis + CY | Estates of Sunnybrook Wedding

Janis and CY, you guys brought the perfect mix of fun and elegance to your wedding and it was definitely a super refreshing take on a classic location in the heart of Toronto. Enjoy the previews and thanks for bringing me out to do my thing! Congrats!
janisCY (1)janisCY (2)janisCY (3)janisCY (4)janisCY (5)janisCY (6)janisCY (7)janisCY (8)janisCY (9)janisCY (10)janisCY (11)janisCY (12)janisCY (13)janisCY (14)janisCY (15)janisCY (16)janisCY (17)janisCY (18)janisCY (19)janisCY (20)janisCY (21)janisCY (22)janisCY (23)janisCY (24)janisCY (25)janisCY (26)janisCY (27)janisCY (28)janisCY (29)janisCY (30)janisCY (31)janisCY (32)janisCY (33)janisCY (34)janisCY (35)janisCY (36)janisCY (37)janisCY (38)janisCY (39)janisCY (40)janisCY (41)janisCY (42)janisCY (43)janisCY (44)janisCY (45)janisCY (46)janisCY (47)janisCY (48)janisCY (49)janisCY (50)janisCY (51)janisCY (52)janisCY (53)janisCY (54)janisCY (55)janisCY (56)janisCY (57)janisCY (58)janisCY (59)janisCY (60)janisCY (61)janisCY (62)janisCY (63)Ceremony and Reception: The Estates of Sunnybrook, The Coach House
Photo Location: Richmond Green Park, Richmond Hill

Monica | Lifestyle Session

It was a gorgeous day today so I took my friend Monica to a near by park for some fun and relaxing portraits.
Loved how this photo turn out so I’ve included it here! 🙂