Joyce + Brian | Guild Inn Estate Wedding

Featured on the blog today are some of my favourite photos from Joyce and Brian’s wedding from the new Guild Inn Estate venue in Scarborough. Brian and his groomsmen started their day off with some exciting Chinese door games before he was allow to see Joyce then followed by two traditional tea ceremonies. For their portrait session we had them taken at the beautiful Guildwood Park and Gardens next to the wedding venue where we also did the first look. The rest of the evening was fantastic with lots of fun and games and even a late night poutine station. Thanks again for having me be apart of your special day, I had a blast hanging out with everyone. Enjoy your photos!


I had a wonderful evening wandering the streets of downtown Toronto with Jessica and Raymond capturing some beautiful moments for their engagement session earlier this summer. We started off at Graffiti Alley followed by the Liberty Village area for our final shoots. Can’t believe were well into Fall now plus only a week away from their wedding! Enjoy the photos and let the countdown begin!

Tiffany + Stephen | Fall Engagement Session

I’ve been waiting awhile and finally today I get to share Tiffany and Stephen’s engagement photos with you all taken near a wooded area beside their high school, so technically they are high school sweethearts! The school was open so we snuck in quickly for a few more photos before completing the session at Streetsville Mississauga. Hope you all enjoy the photos, I look forward to seeing them again this weekend and making more beautiful photos with them.

Sarah + Kamran | The International Centre Wedding

Today I’m featuring Sarah and Kamran’s MEGA wedding post and I say mega because this is the most photos I’ve ever posted on my blog at one time! There was so much stuff going on throughout the day I had to share almost every moment with you all. Together with their entourage, they were a group that understood the fundamentals of being awesome. When I say entourage I mean enough people to make up two teams to play baseball with subs, that much! Honesty they’re an incredibly chill couple to work with and I’m glad I got to spend so many days with them during their multi-day wedding. Sarah and Kamran thanks for bringing me on board. No joke, your photos were as enjoyable to edit as they were to shoot. Enjoy the highlights!SarahKamran (1)SarahKamran (2)SarahKamran (3)SarahKamran (4)SarahKamran (5)SarahKamran (6)SarahKamran (7)SarahKamran (8)SarahKamran (9)SarahKamran (10)SarahKamran (11)SarahKamran (12)SarahKamran (13)SarahKamran (14)SarahKamran (15)SarahKamran (16)SarahKamran (17)SarahKamran (18)SarahKamran (19)SarahKamran (20)SarahKamran (21)SarahKamran (22)SarahKamran (23)SarahKamran (24)SarahKamran (25)SarahKamran (26)SarahKamran (27)SarahKamran (28)SarahKamran (29)SarahKamran (30)SarahKamran (31)SarahKamran (32)SarahKamran (33)SarahKamran (34)SarahKamran (35)SarahKamran (36)SarahKamran (37)SarahKamran (38)SarahKamran (39)SarahKamran (40)SarahKamran (41)SarahKamran (42)SarahKamran (43)SarahKamran (44)SarahKamran (45)SarahKamran (46)SarahKamran (47)SarahKamran (48)SarahKamran (49)SarahKamran (50)SarahKamran (51)SarahKamran (52)SarahKamran (53)SarahKamran (54)SarahKamran (55)SarahKamran (56)SarahKamran (57)SarahKamran (58)SarahKamran (59)SarahKamran (60)SarahKamran (61)SarahKamran (62)SarahKamran (63)SarahKamran (64)SarahKamran (65)SarahKamran (66)SarahKamran (67)SarahKamran (68)SarahKamran (69)SarahKamran (70)SarahKamran (71)SarahKamran (72)SarahKamran (73)SarahKamran (74)SarahKamran (75)SarahKamran (76)SarahKamran (77)SarahKamran (78)SarahKamran (79)SarahKamran (80)SarahKamran (81)SarahKamran (82)SarahKamran (83)SarahKamran (84)SarahKamran (85)SarahKamran (86)SarahKamran (87)SarahKamran (88)SarahKamran (89)SarahKamran (90)SarahKamran (91)SarahKamran (92)SarahKamran (93)SarahKamran (94)SarahKamran (95)SarahKamran (96)SarahKamran (97)SarahKamran (98)SarahKamran (99)SarahKamran (100)SarahKamran (101)SarahKamran (102)SarahKamran (103)SarahKamran (104)SarahKamran (105)SarahKamran (106)SarahKamran (107)SarahKamran (108)SarahKamran (109)SarahKamran (110)SarahKamran (111)SarahKamran (112)SarahKamran (113)SarahKamran (114)SarahKamran (115)SarahKamran (116)SarahKamran (117)SarahKamran (118)SarahKamran (119)SarahKamran (120)

Sarah + Kamran | Grand Empire Banquet Hall Pithi Ceremony

It was a beautiful epic evening during Sarah and Kamran’s Pithi ceremony. The night was totally jammed packed with special performances from dancers and also themselves. I can’t wait to share with you all tomorrow more photos from their official wedding day highlights in this fabulous multi day wedding! For now please enjoy these highlights and check back later for the rest of their gorgeous photos!SarahDay2 (1)SarahDay2 (2)SarahDay2 (3)SarahDay2 (4)SarahDay2 (5)SarahDay2 (6)SarahDay2 (7)SarahDay2 (8)SarahDay2 (9)SarahDay2 (10)SarahDay2 (11)SarahDay2 (12)SarahDay2 (13)SarahDay2 (14)SarahDay2 (15)SarahDay2 (16)SarahDay2 (17)SarahDay2 (18)SarahDay2 (19)SarahDay2 (20)SarahDay2 (21)SarahDay2 (22)SarahDay2 (23)SarahDay2 (24)SarahDay2 (25)SarahDay2 (26)SarahDay2 (27)SarahDay2 (28)SarahDay2 (29)SarahDay2 (30)SarahDay2 (31)SarahDay2 (32)SarahDay2 (33)SarahDay2 (34)SarahDay2 (35)SarahDay2 (36)SarahDay2 (37)SarahDay2 (38)SarahDay2 (39)SarahDay2 (40)SarahDay2 (41)SarahDay2 (42)SarahDay2 (43)SarahDay2 (44)

SarahDay2 (45)SarahDay2 (46)SarahDay2 (47)SarahDay2 (48)SarahDay2 (49)SarahDay2 (50)SarahDay2 (51)SarahDay2 (52)SarahDay2 (53)SarahDay2 (54)SarahDay2 (56)SarahDay2 (57)SarahDay2 (58)SarahDay2 (59)SarahDay2 (60)SarahDay2 (61)SarahDay2 (62)SarahDay2 (63)SarahDay2 (64)SarahDay2 (65)SarahDay2 (66)SarahDay2 (67)SarahDay2 (68)SarahDay2 (69)

Jessica + Keith | La Primavera Wedding

Happy Thursday! Today I proudly present Jessica and Keith’s Wedding! It was a gorgeous day for a beautiful wedding and I can’t believe it has already been half a year since! What made the day great was Jessica and Keith’s easygoing and up-for-anything attitude. Looking back through their photos I can’t help but grin with delight knowing we had such a great day together and I was able to capture all these beautiful moments for them!jesskeith (1)jesskeith (2)jesskeith (3)jesskeith (4)jesskeith (5)jesskeith (6)jesskeith (7)jesskeith (8)jesskeith (9)jesskeith (10)jesskeith (11)jesskeith (12)jesskeith (13)jesskeith (14)jesskeith (15)jesskeith (16)jesskeith (17)jesskeith (18)jesskeith (19)jesskeith (20)jesskeith (21)jesskeith (22)jesskeith (23)jesskeith (24)jesskeith (25)jesskeith (26)jesskeith (27)jesskeith (28)jesskeith (29)jesskeith (30)jesskeith (31)jesskeith (32)jesskeith (33)jesskeith (34)jesskeith (35)jesskeith (36)jesskeith (37)Ceremony & Reception: La Primavera, Vaughan
Photo Location: Adamson Estate, Mississauga
Makeup: Beautyonthegrind

Jessica + Keith | Wedding Sneak Peek

Congrats Jessica and Keith! I’m going to need a while to recover from your wedding – it was just too much fun! Plus I got to see a lot of familiar faces from previous weddings. Enjoy the sneak peek!

Rita + David | Celebration Square + Kariya Park Engagement

Spending the day with Rita and David was a lot of fun. We started things off at Mississauga Celebration Square with modern architecture that provided some neat backgrounds. After changing outfits we headed over to Kariya Park for a totally different environment just down the street. Both locations are beautiful and a must combo when shooting in this area, you’ll see what I mean when you take a look at many of my favourites below!
rida (1)rida (2)rida (3)rida (4)rida (5)rida (6)rida (7)rida (8)rida (9)rida (10)rida (11)rida (12)rida (13)rida (14)rida (15)rida (16)rida (17)rida (18)rida (19)rida (20)rida (21)rida (22)RitaDavidCinemagraph

Rita + David | Engagement Sneak Peek

A little sneak peek from Rita and David’s engagement session! In the first photo you will notice it was slightly windy as her dress was blowing, AKA a Cinemagraph photo. Click here for more pics! RitaDavidCinemagraphRitaDaveSneakPeekMakeup and Hair by Beauty on the Grind by the talented Lisa Truong.

Thao + Paul | Atlantis Pavilions Wedding

Thao and Paul, your wedding back in September was incredible to shoot! I absolutely loved all the colours of the bridesmaids dresses and was pretty cool how the best men looked like Ryan Gosling. Sweet location for your ceremony at Atlantis followed by our creative session at Celebration Square and Kariya Park in Mississauga. I had a great time hanging out with everyone and I’m excited to highlight some of my favorite shots today! Enjoy the photos, Merry Christmas!
010203040506070809010011012013014015016017018019020021022023024025026027028029030031032033034035036037038039040041042043044045046047048049050051052053054055056057058059060061062063064065066067068070071072073074075076077Ceremony: Atlantis Pavilions, Ontario Place
Reception: Emerald Chinese Restaurant, Mississauga
Photo Location: Celebration Square and Kariya Park, Mississauga