Nicole + Michael | Surprise Proposal Teasers

Nicole said “YES” under the stars next to the lovely tent Michael setup for his surprise proposal this past weekend! I’m looking forward to sharing more pics from their beautiful proposal soon! Enjoy the teasers!

Theresa + Michael | Terrace Banquet Centre Wedding

Theresa and Michael’s wedding has been in the works all summer and I’m ecstatic to finally share them today! Theresa and Michael, thank you so much for bringing me on board. Hope you enjoy these highlights!TheresaMichael (1)TheresaMichael (2)TheresaMichael (3)TheresaMichael (4)TheresaMichael (5)TheresaMichael (6)TheresaMichael (7)TheresaMichael (8)TheresaMichael (9)TheresaMichael (10)TheresaMichael (11)TheresaMichael (12)TheresaMichael (13)TheresaMichael (14)TheresaMichael (15)TheresaMichael (16)TheresaMichael (17)TheresaMichael (18)TheresaMichael (19)TheresaMichael (20)TheresaMichael (21)TheresaMichael (22)TheresaMichael (23)TheresaMichael (24)TheresaMichael (25)TheresaMichael (26)TheresaMichael (27)TheresaMichael (28)TheresaMichael (29)TheresaMichael (30)TheresaMichael (31)TheresaMichael (32)TheresaMichael (33)TheresaMichael (34)TheresaMichael (35)TheresaMichael (36)TheresaMichael (37)TheresaMichael (38)TheresaMichael (39)TheresaMichael (40)TheresaMichael (41)TheresaMichael (42)TheresaMichael (43)TheresaMichael (44)TheresaMichael (45)TheresaMichael (46)TheresaMichael (47)TheresaMichael (48)TheresaMichael (49)TheresaMichael (50)