Rebecca + Jonathan | Markham Museum Wedding

Today I’m incredibly happy to be sharing a few highlights from Rebecca and Jonathan’s wedding from Markham Museum. Thanks you two for bringing me on board and trusting me to do my thing and although its been a couple years since this day. I hope you guys love these highlights as if it was your first time looking at them all over again!

Rebecca + Jonathan | Unionville Main Street Engagement

Engagement sessions are amazing. It’s the greatest opportunity for me to get to know my couples before their big day. For many couples, it’s their first official photoshoot so they all dress up and get hair and makeup done for an evening of adventure just like Rebecca and Jonathan. For their session we wandered and explored Unionville Main Street and Toogood Pond taking in the nice scenery and of course taking some of these insanely gorgeous photos below. Now let’s get you two married this weekend!

Sida + Colin | Markham Museum Wedding

I’m incredibly excited to share Sida and Colin’s wedding highlights today! We started off the day with some fun traditional Chinese door games before heading over to their ceremony at the Markham Museum in Markham. Sida and Colin said their I Do’s in front of their closest friends and family before stepping outside to for their late afternoon portrait session followed by their reception at the Markham Event Centre. Thanks for having me, it was super fun shooting your wedding I hope you enjoy your wedding highlights!
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Carol + Vince | Crown Prince Banquet Wedding

Carol and Vince, you two brought the perfect style to your photo session! The mix of fun and elegance from the 1900’s inspired look and feel was so vintage to capture. Especially since it was at Markham Museum one of Markham’s coolest historic venues. Enjoy the previews and congrats!
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Wedding Slideshow Highlights

Ceremony & Photo Location: Markham Museum, Markham
Reception: Crown Prince Banquet Wedding, Markham
Makeup Artist: Joan Huang