Mari + Alex | Holland Marsh Winery Wedding

Had an amazing time at Mari and Alex’s wedding and experienced some of the best Georgian food ever! They had a small beautiful intimate wedding at the Holland Marsh Winery in Newmarket followed by their reception with family and friends at the Suliko Restaurant in Toronto. I’m also really happy I got to document their special day because now I can cross out shooting weddings for both twin sisters off my bucket list! Here are some of my personal favourites captured from their wedding day, enjoy!
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Mari + Alex | Wedding Sneak Peek

Here’s a little sneak peek from Mari and Alex’s wedding at the Holland Marsh Winery in Newmarket Ontario.mari (1)mari (2)

Mari + Alex | Scarborough Bluff Engagement

Mari and Alex, with your big day around the corner I’m so excited to finally share your engagement session! It was a chilling October day but we were able to capture these beautiful photos of you both at the Bluffs and finishing off your session at UTSC. I seriously cannot wait for next month, it’s going to be so much fun to see you folks again! Enjoy the photos!