Haytung + Anvan | Bayview Golf and Country Club Wedding

Haytung and Anvan, thank you so much for bringing me out to photograph your wedding at the Bayview Golf and Country Club! I had a fantastic time hanging out with your crew, catching up with old buddies and meeting new righteously cool people along the way. Enjoy these highlights!
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Haytung + Anvan | Wedding Sneak Peek

Haytung and Anvan your wedding was just too much fun! Can’t believe all the familiar faces from previous weddings, it’s such a small world! Congratulations again and enjoy the sneak peek!
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Haytung + Anvan | Downtown Toronto Engagement

I am very excited to share Haytung and Anvan’s engagement photos with you today! We plotted a shoot that took us to Cherry Beach and Graffiti Alley in Toronto. What I really loved about this set was the laid back approach, we spent just enough time at each spot to keep things interesting before moving on to the next. Can’t wait till this weekend for their wedding and for more awesome photos. Enjoy!