PIERRE + MATTHEW | The University Club of Toronto Wedding

Today I’m pleased to finally share a few personal favorites from Pierre and Matthew’s gorgeous wedding at The University Club of Toronto. THANK YOU Pierre and Matthew for bringing me out for your wedding. You guys look super dapper and wow your reception venue was really fabulous, I loved it a lot! Between their full day of wedding-adventuring and photo session we ended up with this crazy gorgeous set that I’ve been dying to show off since day 1! Enjoy the highlights everyone and do check out their engagement photos here.

Peter + Timothy | Aga Khan Park Toronto Engagement

Peter and Timothy’s black and white engagement session at Aga Khan Park in Toronto was super fun to shoot. I really love the black and white theme they had going on and especially the big balloons they used as props that match their stylish outfits. When these two aren’t goofing around in front of my lens their pretty GQ and you can totally see for yourself in their photos. I’m really looking forward to their wedding this coming week, can’t wait to make more gorgeous photos with them!

Pierre + Matthew | Scarborough Heights Park Engagement

Last month I had the chance to spend an evening with Pierre and Matthew plus their two little dogs. Our adventure of an engagement session brought us to Scarborough Heights Park since our first location at the Scarborough Bluffs was totally full to capacity and crowded. This was an extremely well planned session by them with many unique props which I loved and their vintage style look was totally on point. I can’t wait to see them again this Fall for their big day! Here’s some of my favourites from their session, enjoy! PierreMatthew (1)PierreMatthew (2)PierreMatthew (3)PierreMatthew (4)PierreMatthew (5)PierreMatthew (6)PierreMatthew (7)PierreMatthew (8)PierreMatthew (9)PierreMatthew (10)PierreMatthew (11)PierreMatthew (12)PierreMatthew (13)PierreMatthew (14)PierreMatthew (15)PierreMatthew (16)PierreMatthew (17)PierreMatthew (18)PierreMatthew (19)PierreMatthew (20)PierreMatthew (21)PierreMatthew (22)PierreMatthew (23)PierreMatthew (24)PierreMatthew (25)PierreMatthew (26)PierreMatthew (27)PierreMatthew (28)PierreMatthew (29)PierreMatthew (30)PierreMatthew (31)PierreMatthew (32)PierreMatthew (33)PierreMatthew (34)PierreMatthew (35)PierreMatthew (36)PierreMatthew (37)PierreMatthew (38)PierreMatthew (39)PierreMatthew (40)PierreMatthew (41)PierreMatthew (42)