Rita + David | Celebration Square + Kariya Park Engagement

Spending the day with Rita and David was a lot of fun. We started things off at Mississauga Celebration Square with modern architecture that provided some neat backgrounds. After changing outfits we headed over to Kariya Park for a totally different environment just down the street. Both locations are beautiful and a must combo when shooting in this area, you’ll see what I mean when you take a look at many of my favourites below!
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Rita + David | Engagement Sneak Peek

A little sneak peek from Rita and David’s engagement session! In the first photo you will notice it was slightly windy as her dress was blowing, AKA a Cinemagraph photo. Click here for more pics! RitaDavidCinemagraphRitaDaveSneakPeekMakeup and Hair by Beauty on the Grind by the talented Lisa Truong.

Stephanie + Alan | Edwards Gardens Engagement

Spending the evening with Stephanie and Alan was a lot of fun! Here are some of the amazing shots from their engagement session at Edwards Gardens. Can’t wait till the wedding in just a few months and the privilege of taking photos for them once again! There’s also an extra Cinemagraph photo at the bottom of this post, enjoy!
StephanieAlan (1)StephanieAlan (2)StephanieAlan (3)StephanieAlan (4)StephanieAlan (5)StephanieAlan (6)StephanieAlan (7)StephanieAlan (8)StephanieAlan (9)StephanieAlan (10)StephanieAlan (11)StephanieAlan (12)StephanieAlan (13)StephanieAlan (14)StephanieAlan (15)StephanieAlan (16)StephanieAlan (17)StephanieAlan (18)StephanieAlan (19)StephanieAlan (20)StephanieAlan (21)StephanieAlan (22)StephanieAlan (23)StephanieAlan (24)StephanieAlan (25)StephanieAlanCinemagraphCinemagraph Image Above: Foreground leaves, her top and hair that’s curled are all in motion.