Abby + Troy | Atlantis Pavilion Wedding

Earlier this summer I shot Abby and Troy’s wedding at the Atlantis Pavilion in Toronto. I’ve been quietly working on this set the last couple of weeks and today they are finally ready for sharing. Abby and Troy’s entourage was an amazing group of people to work with and my team and I had a blast documenting their beautiful wedding! Enjoy!
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Haytung + Anvan | Bayview Golf and Country Club Wedding

Haytung and Anvan, thank you so much for bringing me out to photograph your wedding at the Bayview Golf and Country Club! I had a fantastic time hanging out with your crew, catching up with old buddies and meeting new righteously cool people along the way. Enjoy these highlights!
Haytung (1)Haytung (2)Haytung (3)Haytung (4)Haytung (5)Haytung (6)Haytung (7)Haytung (8)Haytung (9)Haytung (10)Haytung (11)Haytung (12)Haytung (13)Haytung (14)Haytung (15)Haytung (16)Haytung (17)Haytung (18)Haytung (19)Haytung (20)Haytung (21)Haytung (22)Haytung (23)Haytung (24)Haytung (25)Haytung (26)Haytung (27)Haytung (28)Haytung (29)Haytung (30)Haytung (31)Haytung (32)Haytung (33)Haytung (34)Haytung (35)Haytung (36)Haytung (37)Haytung (38)Haytung (39)Haytung (40)Haytung (41)Haytung (42)Haytung (43)Haytung (44)Haytung (45)Haytung (46)Haytung (47)Haytung (48)Haytung (49)Haytung (50)Haytung (51)Haytung (52)Haytung (53)Haytung (54)Haytung (55)Haytung (56)Haytung (57)Haytung (58)Haytung (59)Haytung (60)Haytung (61)Haytung (62)Haytung (63)Haytung (64)Haytung (65)Haytung (66)Haytung (67)

Abby + Troy | Wedding Sneak Peek

We had an amazing time documenting Abby & Troy’s beautiful wedding at the Atlantis Pavilion in Toronto over the weekend! Here’s a little taste of what’s to come… Enjoy the sneak peek!abc