Debbie + Stimson | George Restaurant Wedding

Last Tuesday marked a very special day for Debbie and Stimson. It was their 15th year anniversary and to celebrate they got married. It wasn’t your traditional wedding and there was no guest, it was just the two of them. They had a beautiful intimate and private ceremony and reception at the George Restaurant on Queen Street in Toronto. Being one of their exclusive vendor guest aka photographer duties was such an honour. Congrats again Debbie and Stimson, you both looked amazing! Here are some of my favourite images from your day, enjoy!DebbieHa (1)DebbieHa (2)DebbieHa (3)DebbieHa (4)DebbieHa (5)DebbieHa (6)DebbieHa (7)DebbieHa (8)DebbieHa (9)DebbieHa (10)DebbieHa (11)DebbieHa (12)DebbieHa (13)DebbieHa (14)DebbieHa (15)DebbieHa (16)DebbieHa (17)DebbieHa (18)DebbieHa (19)DebbieHa (20)DebbieHa (21)DebbieHa (22)DebbieHa (23)DebbieHa (24)DebbieHa (25)DebbieHa (26)DebbieHa (27)DebbieHa (28)DebbieHa (29)DebbieHa (30)DebbieHa (31)DebbieHa (32)DebbieHa (33)DebbieHa (34)DebbieHa (35)DebbieHa (36)DebbieHa (37)DebbieHa (38)DebbieHa (39)DebbieHa (40)DebbieHa (41)DebbieHa (42)DebbieHa (43)DebbieHa (44)DebbieHa (45)DebbieHa (46)

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